Which Snuggie Viral Video Will Win $5,000?

Snuggie is one of the most-parodied brands of all time and they are taking advantage of this fact by turning to their fans to find their next big viral hit. They are asking fans to create their own Snuggie brand commercials, short films, documentaries or parodies and the winning video’s creator will get take home $5,000, a trip to NYC and maybe even an opportunity to produce or appear in a Snuggie commercial for 2011. Find out more about the contest and check out some silly Snuggie parodies after the jump.

The Snuggie Choice Film Awards Contest is a brilliant move on the part of Snuggie. More and more brands are turning to fans to crowdsource viral video content. $5,000 is a small price to pay for a viral video that will hopefully get millions of views. Snuggie parodies already account for millions of views on Facebook. The most popular parody, ‘The WTF Blanket’, has more than 13 million views and a search for “snuggie parody” on YouTube turns up move than 1,400 results. Snuggie is running with it, by asking their fans to submit even more Snuggie videos to their contest, which could potentially lead to millions of additional views.

So how does this contest work? Snuggie describes the rules on their contest site. Contestants are welcome to submit their videos directly to the Snuggie Choice Film Contest page, keeping to a maximum length of three minutes. Six finalists will win a trip to NYC for the Snuggie Choice Film Awards Event and will also receive the complete line of 2010 Snuggie blankets. Based on America’s vote, a $5,000 winner will be chosen, as well as two $2,500 runners up. The grand prize winner could also have the opportunity to produce a Snuggie commercial for the 2011 line, at the discretion of the sponsor.

Haven’t seen the original Snuggie commercial? Check it out below, followed by some of the Snuggie parodies that the brand has featured on their contest site.

The Original Snuggie Blanket Commercial

Snuggie Worldwide (Snuggie Parody)

Blanket! (Snuggie Parody)

Nova – Snuggie Parody

Apparently Snuggie doesn’t have a problem with their fans poking fun at the fact that their product is nothing more than a blanket with sleeves, and a pretty unattractive one at that. In fact, it seems that this is even what they are looking for. The truth of the matter is, more of their success has come from the parodies making fun of their product than from the original commercial itself (which aired on Comedy Central, by the way). Kudos to Snuggie for laughing at themselves and having a little fun with a contest that is sure to be a goldmine of great viral content.

Do you think you’ll be entering the Snuggie contest? Do you have a Snuggie at home, or would you consider buying one?