Snowball Wars Gets Disabled

It looks like the people at Facebook took note of our article this morning and decided to disable the application “for misuse of notifications and other communication channels.” I’m sure they’ll be back as soon as they fix that but the exponential growth isn’t likely. It is somewhat surprising that the application was able to attract close to 1 million users prior to Facebook taking notice.

Building an automated warning system would be useful. Alternatively, monitoring the fastest growing applications over in our application statistics area helps to provide a clue. We regularly see fast growing applications that appear to provide little value to the users. Most of those applications don’t make it beyond a few thousand users but many of them do.

It’s clear that Facebook is keeping tabs on all these applications but they are being pushed to their limits with the rapid expansion of the platform via Facebook Connect. It’s great to see that Facebook is at least continuing to be proactive about spam applications. While we’re at it, are there any other spam applications that you know of?