Snockle Tries to Revolutionize the Mobile Social Messaging World

snockle.jpgIn this day of social networking revolution and IT startups sprawling like mushrooms on the web, the only way you could get notice is to come up with a killer startup with killer sounding name. Never mind if the name doesn’t mean anything, you can easily cook up a new meaning for it. Such is the case of mobile social messaging site Snockles – which as per the site’s definition is a “message that you post on your own “Snockline” (there goes another word invention). Snockle is a new mobile communication platform that highlights the interplay of the actual web and the mobile web. Think of it as Twitter for mobile phone, where your friends and contact get their juicy updates about your juicy online life via their mobile phone or on the web.

postsnockle.gifDifferentiating Snockle from other social messaging/networking platform is as simple as calling it as a mobile message board where you can post updates of what’s going on in your life either via a web interface or through SMS using your mobile phone. Whereas other social networking sites established their web-based services first before introducing a mobile interface, Snockle went straight into the mobile web and the live web, and allowed their member to conduct their “snockling” activities in either of the two portals.

If you are not a mobile phone savvy yet (are there actually online people who’s not into mobile phones as well?) you can still join Snockle and use its web-based interface. But for those who opted to do their snockling on both the mobile phone and the desktop PC, they would be glad to know that Snockle is free of charge. Sending SMS updates through your mobile phone will be charged as per your mobile phone carriers SMS rates.

Are you ready to snockle now? Be cautious when asking your friends that question as they might take it as an invitation to something else that involves, swimming and diving gears.