SnapStream Server Keeps Up with Current TV’s infoMania

How does Current TV gather all of the video it uses for clips for infoMania, its half-hour satirical news show?

SnapStream Media can answer that question: Current TV installed a six-tuner SnapStream Server to record, search, and capture video clips, and the company says the device can record and store thousands of hours of video, and then search that video by keywords and phrases.

Current TV global senior broadcast engineer Dave Simon touted the SnapStream Server’s ability to quickly locate clips, saying:

SnapStream was the first system we looked at that had the ability to record and search closed-captioning. To a television operation like infoMania, that is paramount.

And SnapStream founder and CEO Rakesh Agrawal added:

Their selection of SnapStream to not only produce infoMania, but also to monitor media mentions of the company itself, as well as create content for their corporate video and news feeds, speaks volumes about the power and capabilities behind the SnapStream Server solution.