Is Live Snapchat Worth a Thousand Hashtags?

Snapchat expands "Our Story," a new way to keep up with live events.


You may have noticed a new “Live” option in your Snapchat updates this weekend, but the creative potential of the new feature is still unfolding.

The popular social messaging app announced Friday that they are expanding their Our Story feature to allow users to collaborate en masse to stories snapped at live events. Essentially a community livestream, the feature debuted at Electric Daisy Carnival in June. Snapchat reports that since then, more 350 hours of snaps have been shared by users at EDC, Rio, Outside Lands and Lollapalooza.

If early experiences with Snapchat make you nervous about what you might see in a public stream, don’t worry. Snaps submitted to Our Story events are pre-screened and curated. This keeps nudity and other unsavory images at bay, but it also ensures that when you dive into these stories, you’re bound to find more compelling and interesting content than whatever might pop up under a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

This editing eye is what makes us most curious to see what’s next for Snapchat and Our Story. We’re excited by the potential of a single stream with many points of view, especially if it could be used in a breaking news events like we currently see on Twitter. But we wonder if the handpicked nature of the content will prove irresistibly attractive to brands and event organizers looking to partner with Snapchat. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.