Snapchat Is Adding Group Video Chat and @ Mentions

Up to 16 users can participate in group video chats Snapchat

A touch of Facebook Messenger and a dash of Twitter are coming to Snapchat starting Tuesday.

The messaging application will begin rolling out group video chat and mentions on iOS and Android.

Snapchat users can start a group video chat by:

Entering an existing group chat or creating a new group with the users they wish to chat with.

Tapping the video icon to start a live group video call (or tapping the phone icon to start a voice chat).

Each group member will be notified that they were invited to a call and, when they open the call, their name bubble will light up above the keyboard of the user who initiated the call so that he or she knows who is participating.

Snapchat said up to 16 users can participate in group video chats simultaneously, with that number doubling to 32 for group voice chat. Users can also opt to join group calls with just voice, or they can toggle between voice and video.

Face lenses are also available to users during group video chats.

As for mentions, Snapchat users can now tag friends included in Snaps in their Stories by typing the @ sign before their usernames.

Viewers of those Snaps can then swipe up to see public Stories from tagged accounts or add them as friends.

Users will be notified via chat when they are tagged in friends’ Stories.

Snapchat said both features will be available globally in the next few weeks. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.