Snapchat Honors International Women’s Day With Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie and Rosa Parks Lenses

Users can overlay graphics and animated stickers for 24 hours

Snapchatters can decorate their posts with themed lenses today.

Snapchat users who open the app to apply one of the company’s lenses will see a few familiar faces today.

For International Women’s Day, Snapchat created lenses featuring three of history’s most renowned women: artist Frida Kahlo, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and scientist Marie Curie. Similar to the app’s other lenses, users can overlay graphics and animated stickers on their photos and videos for 24 hours.

The Kahlo filter features a flower crown and her famous eyebrows and red lipstick. Curie’s filter shows animated colorful test tubes that explode across the screen. And the Parks-themed lens includes a hat and a speech bubble with one of her famous quotes: “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”

According to a Snap spokesman, the company worked with the Frida Kahlo Corporation and the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development to create the lenses. Curie does not have an estate.

“In the age of the selfie, Frida is considered to be the first selfie artist; she told a story of love, life, strength and passion [through] her self-portraits,” said Beatriz Alvarado, head of international affairs for the Frida Kahlo Corporation, in a statement. “Today people identify themselves with Frida’s life and legacy, and to honor her legacy, the Frida Kahlo Corporation in collaboration with Snapchat shares a lens with her image to capture the faces of all her followers around the world.”

Snap is also covering events today surrounding International Women’s Day in a live story, and it designed a themed geofilter for the occasion.

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