Snapchat Courting Major Media Brands for News Service

CNN, ESPN, BuzzFeed and Vice are reportedly in talks with Snapchat to partner up for the app's forthcoming news service.



Digiday got its hands on a mock-up of Snapchat’s forthcoming news service, which included a handful of major media outlets, including: CNN, BuzzFeed, Vice, ESPN, National Geographic, the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and People. Comedy Central and Vevo were also included in the mock-up.

While previous reports indicated that the service would be dubbed “Snapchat Discovery,” the mock-up had the moniker “Discover.” ESPN and Vevo were the only companies that would confirm that they had talks with Snapchat about the service. From Digiday:

The conversations illustrate just how grand Snapchat’s media distribution ambitions are. It’s natural for Snapchat to want to partner with Comedy Central and National Geographic since they specialize in creating compelling video and still imagery, the two kinds of messages Snapchat trades in. But Snapchat also wants to serve its users text and audio, which would make it an all-inclusive media consumption app.

According to the report, content on the service would include longer stories, though all content will eventually disappear. It’s also a bid for the app to monetize: The company is encouraging media outlets to find advertisers for their Snapchat content, generating revenue that Snapchat would take a cut of.

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