Mona Zhang

Cannes Lions 2015: What Does It Take to Be the Best in the World?

There's some tough competition at this year's Cannes Lions festival, with a record 40,133 entries. So what does it take to win the ad industry's most coveted accolade?

10 Food Stylists That Will Inspire You to Up Your Instagram Game

In honor of the Food Issue, we decided to take a look at some of the best food stylists on Instagram and their aesthetically pleasing creations. These pros have authored […]

How Is Digital Shaping the Future of Food Marketing? Join #AdweekChat to Discuss

From Instagram and podcasts to crowdsourced reviews and socially fueled celebrity chefs, it's clear we've entered a new era of obsessive foodie culture.

Are We at a Turning Point for Gender and Sexuality? Join #AdweekChat to Discuss

Culturing tipping points aren't often sparked by magazine covers, but that's exactly what happened this week thanks to Vanity Fair's introduction of Caitlyn Jenner.

What Qualities Define a Great Leader in 2015? Weigh in at Today’s #AdweekChat

Relentless. Intense. Driven. These are some of the words used to describe Google CEO Larry Page, who tops Adweek's inaugural Power 100 list. During Page's second stint at Google's top job, the company's market cap nearly doubled.

Where Do the Best Creative Ideas Come From? Join the Discussion at #AdweekChat

In marketing and so much else, as this year's Clio Awards campaign put it, the best idea wins. But coming up with those ideas is often the hardest part of the job.

Today’s #AdweekChat: Why Topical Social Content Is So Lame, and How to Fix It

This week is shaping up to be a social media manager's dream (or nightmare?) with the #RoyalBaby, #StarWarsDay and

Ad Student Hijacks Agency Hashtags on Instagram, Hoping for Job Interviews

File this one under creative ways to get agencies' attention. In hopes of landing an internship at an ad agency, Dutch student Max Kurstjens, who's studying in Sweden, took matters into his own hands. Kurstjens tells AdFreak via email that he struggled to get in touch with the agencies, so he targeted their Instagram hashtags instead. "Why? To get their attention and to mock the hashtag phenomenon, especially in the advertising world," he says.

After Accidentally Revealing Its Super Bowl Ad, The Verge Decides to Leave It Live

For most news sites, accidentally publishing an article too early can be embarrassing but rarely reveals too much. For The Verge, though, such a slip today revealed something truly surprising: a Super Bowl ad the site has in the works.

Users Are Very Receptive to Snapchat Ads, According to Study

Advertisers got increased brand awareness and sales thanks to Snapchat ads.