Snap Minis Are Here, as 4 Debut on Snapchat

Headspace, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master and Flashcards are now available

The Headspace Mini gives users access to resources related to emotional and physical well-being Snap Inc.

Snap Minis, which were introduced at the Snap Partner Summit in June, are here.

Snapchat described Snap Minis as bite-sized utilities built with HTML5 that work for all Snapchatters on all devices, with no installation required. They are accessible via chat and search and designed to be integrated into users’ conversations.

Snap Inc.

Four Snap Minis debuted Monday:

  • Headspace enables Snapchatters to partake in quick meditations and send encouraging messages to boost friends who may be struggling. The Headspace Mini also gives users access to resources related to emotional and physical well-being. Snapchat said, “By putting resources front and center where friends already meet and share, we hope the Headspace Mini will provide a safe space for friends to practice meditation and mindfulness exercises, and use these new tools to send encouraging messages to check in and positively boost friends in need.”
Snap Inc.
  • Let’s Do It, created by Snap, helps friends make decisions as a group.
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  • Prediction Master, from Mammoth Media, serves up timely questions from topics as varied as the stock market and sneaker drops and lets Snapchatters see which of their friends is the best at predicting outcomes.
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  • Flashcards, from Tembo, lets users create flashcard decks with friends to do things like study for exams.
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Developers interested in creating Snap Minis can apply here. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.