SmileyCentral Brightens Up This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

It’s a week for the time wasters, as Friend Facts and SmileyCentral lead our weekly AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Friend Facts™12,410,579+2,069,247+20%
2. SmileyCentral4,926,827+1,729,332+54%
3. Windows Live Messenger9,705,432+1,214,935+14%
4. Are YOU Interested?13,850,489+1,012,840+8%
5. ESPNU College Town3,417,066+919,671+37%
6. Instant Jam – Play with Your Music1,144,297+911,295+391%
7. BandPage by RootMusic7,922,065+871,876+12%
8. Birthday Cards7,894,898+831,955+12%
9. Crime City1,824,281+773,733+74%
10. Give Hearts14,081,291+729,910+5%
11. Millionaire City11,452,315+603,450+6%
12. Warstorm2,266,113+580,475+34%
13. Formspring4,173,517+572,350+16%
14. Frases Diarias8,389,256+479,084+6%
15. TripAdvisor – Cities I’ve Visited™8,094,385+459,009+6%
16. Bingo Island 21,297,496+391,810+43%
17. My Empire3,151,569+385,283+14%
18. Mall World5,265,789+380,227+8%
19. Social Statistics1,515,689+366,496+32%
20. How old do you look?884,670+352,820+66%

Of the two leaders, SmileyCentral is newer and more interesting. The app, which is actually a plugin, converts emoticons on Facebook into smiley-faces. This confuses some users, as their friends won’t necessarily see the same effect. However, there’s also the easier option of just choosing a single face to post to your profile or a friend’s wall, which is likely helping to spread the app.

Windows Live Messenger appears quite often, but it’s worth noting that the chat app added 14 percent in just a single week. That’s good for Facebook, as it indicates that existing Live Messenger users are installing the Facebook extension in ever-greater numbers.

Are YOU Interested? has also picked up a large number of would-be internet daters; it’s now almost twice as large as the next-biggest dating app on Facebook, Zoosk.

The last app we’ll note here is Instant Jam – Play with Your Music. As we pointed out this morning on Inside Social Games, Instant Jam, which is a lot like Guitar Hero, has brought in a flood of new users. However, the future is not assured for Facebook music games yet — Instant Jam is hanging onto only a small fraction of its new players.