Smartsheet launches project management app on Android, updates iOS app

Image via Smartsheet

Smartsheet has today announced the launch of a new Android app, along with significant improvements to its existing iOS offerings. Both allow users to interact with others, like coworkers or team members, sharing project details and collaboration ideas on the go.

Smartsheet embraces the idea of mobile productivity and communication, and is used by companies of all kinds to “run daily operational activities.” Examples include hospitals that use the app to instantly transmit patient information to doctors from the emergency room, or lumber mills that use the app as a mobile communications service between workers in the field and those back in the mill, shipyards or elsewhere.

“Our customers increasingly want access to Smartsheet from their mobile devices, as witnessed from the rapid adoption of our earlier versions,” said Mark Mader, president and CEO of Smartsheet, via a company release. “Mobile productivity is fundamental to workplace productivity and we’re excited to extend our native mobile offerings and give users the anytime access they expect from the apps they value most.”

Via this iOS app update, the Smartsheet service now supports interactive Gantt charts for viewing and modifying project schedules. Existing documents can also be modified, with new sheets being created directly within the device.

Image via Smartsheet

Smartsheet assures potential clients that the app works to increase productivity. It highlights users in over 150 countries, each of which uses the app for different things, ranging from marketing campaigns and product launches to HR initiatives.

“Our team is very mobile, working with clients onsite negotiating leases and managing construction projects at commercial properties across seven states,” added Martin Stever, president of Pacific Land West, LLC. “Having all project details at our fingertips in Smartsheet via our mobile devices is critical to productivity and ultimately the success of our business. The added flexibility of having the Android App is a tremendous benefit because it helps us focus on the work at hand, regardless of where we are or what device we choose to use.”

More examples of Smartsheet’s implementation in real world companies can be found on the app’s blog. Smartsheet is now available to download for free on Google Play and iOS. You can follow the app’s growth and status on AppData, our tracking tool for social and mobile apps and developers.