Smartphone holographic projections will be reality in the next few years


The future of media is more dimensions, and Ostendo’s tiny projectors and miniature microprocessor are on track to bringing 3 Dimensions to your smartphone.

Ostendo’s new 2D smartphone projectors are hitting retailers in 2015, and its latest prototype, capable of projecting in 3D, is expected to follow suit soon after. The new prototype, Ostendo’s Quantum Photonic Imager, is a small series of chips capable of delivering 3D holograms similar to Princess Leia from Star Wars,  Tupac Shakur from Coachela’s 2012 Music Festival, or Michael Jackson in this video below.

Further, the company has recently procured a Department of Defense Contract to provide 3D holograph display technology by 2016.

Dr. Darrel G. Hopper, AFRL Principal Electronics Engineer and Contracting Officer’s Representative, said “The Ostendo novel development plan for a full-parallax hogel-based 3D display system envisions the integration of previously discrete electronic and optical functionalities via a new class of optoelectronic devices based on its several patented technologies. Air Force and DoD intelligence analysts and C2 operators have requested ultrahigh resolution holographic displays to increase productivity when working with 3D information from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and fused data models.”

Given the short timeframe of this particular contract’s delivery, Ostendo will be in a position in a few years to bring holograph technologies to domestic users who may not need highly detailed imaging for real warfare, just digital war games.

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