Small Developers Do Well on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Small and new developers feature prominently on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook games still under a million monthly active users, but that’s not telling the whole story. Since we don’t feature any games that have passed a million MAU, you’re not seeing a pair of new games from big developers that haven’t been around very long, but are quickly becoming very popular.

One is Playfish’s Hotel City, which jumped from about half a million players to almost two million over the past week. The other is Zynga’s newest game, Treasure Isle, which soared onto the charts with an astounding 5.4 million new players in its first week. We reviewed Isle last Friday, when it was released, and covered its explosive growth on Wednesday.

But smaller developers shouldn’t feel too bad; Playfish and Zynga probably had to spend quite a bit to grow so quickly. And as you can see below, smaller games can still enjoy fast growth:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Family Feud775,816+494,093+175.38
2.icon Happy Hotel955,037+156,014+19.53
3.icon My Tribe253,769+141,264+125.56
4.icon PoxNora604,247+135,897+29.02
5.icon Hızlı Yaz157,187+132,185+528.70
6.icon Fish Friends273,253+128,977+89.40
7.icon Evony134,403+128,743+2,274.61
8.icon Daily Tarot Cards211,023+110,615+110.17
9.icon RockFREE291,823+109,489+60.05
10.icon 三國風雲 – 問天下誰是英雄!305,535+104,894+52.28
11.icon Funflow959,493+102,553+11.97
12.icon TransForce – Robot strategy browser game of 2010204,733+93,095+83.39
13.icon Aquarium Life657,603+87,421+15.33
14.icon NanoTowns417,011+82,334+24.60
15.icon Island Life594,273+66,722+12.65
16.icon 武俠風雲210,132+66,589+46.39
17.icon Mall World187,643+66,309+54.65
18.icon Keyboard SMASH!182,795+66,129+56.68
19.icon Okey Oyna631,059+65,249+11.53
20.icon Little Rock Pool810,449+64,154+8.60

Family Feud, at the top of the list, is a Facebook adaptation of the popular gameshow by iWin and Backstage. Nostalgia seems to be driving players to the game (although Feud still airs), but quite a few are complaining that the game strictly limits how many times they can play per day.

Happy Hotel, from 6 waves, is growing very well despite the larger success of Hotel City. Happy Hotel is actually a quite different game from City, with bright, attractive artwork; when we reviewed the game in January, its clever design led us to correctly guess that hotel management games would be one of Facebook’s next big genres. The game should easily cross a million players this week.

The island town-management game My Tribe, by Big Fish Games, didn’t do particularly well when it was first released, but is thriving now at number three. Right below it is PoxNora, a Sony strategy game that is fairly unusual for Facebook because of its lengthy play-times and traditional gaming feel.

At five, we have Hızlı Yaz, a Turkish-language game that seems to be about typing quickly — as is Keyboard SMASH!, down at 18. Finally, we’ll point out Fish Friends, a Playdom game that was rather late to the fish genre on Facebook. After an initial nose-dive in new users, the game started making a comeback a couple weeks ago.