Small-Bet launches platform for real-money wagers in iOS games

Small-Bet Ltd today announced its new skills-based wagering platform for iOS games. The platform gives game developers an SDK that can be installed into any existing or future iOS game, bringing an additional revenue stream to those games.

[contextly_sidebar id=”ad9f91a0fabd48347da8a41e3fa7d2b5″]Through the Small-Bet wagering platform, game developers will be able to add a betting system to competitive games, including sports, action and puzzle games where skill is required to succeed. In this way, the company avoids the title (and attached restrictions) of a “gambling operation,” as it rewards players based on skill, rather than on chance.

For instance, in Small-Bet’s first game, Definitions, users are allowed to place small bets before taking skills-based quizzes. The winner of the bet receives the winnings, while the developer receives a percentage of every challenge or wager made. The payment system itself is all handled in the backend via Small-Bet’s partnership with PayPal.

“We’ve been developing the platform for the past 7 months, and firmly believe that the SDK will become a firm favourite with game developers, as they quickly appreciate the ease of integration and support we offer” said Xen Latagan, Chief Operating Officer of Small-Bet, via a company release.

“This is an untapped revenue stream for developers,” added Neil Spence, Small-Bet’s Managing Director. “We all know that gamers love head-to-head competition to show who is more skillful, and we just upped the stakes – Real cash winnings for the victor, and real revenue benefits for our development partners.”

Small-Bet is now available in the UK, France, and most states in the US. The company looks to expand operations into China, Russia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Africa and Mexico throughout 2014. Additional payment options are also being explored, including Clickandbuy, Visa, Optimal Payments and more.

Developers interested in learning more about the Small-Bet wagering platform can check out the company’s website.