Sling Media Delays SlingCatcher Again


CNET News reports that while the makers of the popular Slingbox have been promising the SlingCatcher for almost a year and half now, once again, the projected release date will come and go quietly.

Gregg Wilkes, vice president of sales for Sling Media, said in a customer e-mail obtained by Engadget, “will the catcher ship in Q2? No. We are upgrading the user experience and making enhancements to the feature set. These may or may not all ship at the same time. Will the Catcher ship in ’08? All indications point to this happening in 2008.”

When this thing finally comes out, it will let Slingbox owners project video directly onto a big screen without having to connect their laptop. In other words, it’s a media extender set-top box, but one that works with Slingboxes instead of PCs.

Sling Media already has the cell phone thing figured out; SlingPlayer Mobile is a great app for watching mobile TV, and it works on dozens of handsets. So it’s puzzling what could be taking so long with the set-top box.