Slide Glides into This Week’s List of Top Emerging Facebook Games

Slide is living large on this week’s AppData list of top emerging apps on Facebook with under a million users. The big developer has had games on Facebook since early 2009, but until now it has had most of its users on its other apps.

Something has changed in Slide’s equation, though, because it has no less than three rapidly growing games listed below: SPP Ranch!, Top Fish and SuperPocus. Find them at numbers two, nine and 17:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Facts about friends906,932+906,770+99.98
2. SPP Ranch!512,307+326,061+63.65
3. Go to Hell524,283+250,352+47.75
4. World at War688,268+243,158+35.33
5. Kingdoms of Camelot843,103+172,623+20.47
6. Funflow270,873+169,284+62.50
7. MiniPlanet699,992+141,344+20.19
8. Address Book236,601+120,731+51.03
9. Top Fish488,668+116,918+23.93
10. Dress Me Up472,486+108,620+22.99
11. Di la Verdad!110,675+102,137+92.29
12. Città nel Cielo205,428+96,866+47.15
13. Ciudad en el Cielo487,055+95,821+19.67
14. Roulette Madness226,030+93,198+41.23
15. Flowers for Friends592,576+89,500+15.10
16. Cité des nuages703,712+84,762+12.04
17. SuperPocus285,630+83,358+29.18
18. SCRABBLE769,761+79,402+10.32
19. Collect Roses278,819+78,489+28.15
20. Jumping Dog185,377+76,706+41.38

Slide has a couple more games besides those three, including the SuperPoke! Pets game that SPP Ranch is based on. Only the three listed above are showing significant growth. But oh, what good growth it is: they collectively picked up some 526,337 new players during the past week.

There’s a good way to go until any of these Slide games match the nearly 10 million users its Top Friends app has; in fact, they’re its three smallest apps.

On to the rest of the list. We only focus on games in this roundup, so we’ll write about number one, Facts about friends, over at Inside Facebook. Number three, Go to Hell, is a simple marketing “game” that Electronic Arts built to go with the release of Dante’s Inferno on consoles.

Kingdoms of Camelot, Funflow and MiniPlanet all appeared last week in the top ten, so they’re worth keeping an eye on. And there are three games with an interesting story: Città nel Cielo, Ciudad en el Cielo and Cité des nuages. This trio is an otherwise identical game in Italian, Spanish and French.