Slacker Portable Finally Ships

LAPTOP magazine confirms that the Slacker Portable will finally ship tomorrow after months of delays. This little device will let Slacker internet radio fans listen to their own playlists on the move, rather than being tethered to a desktop or laptop PC Web browser. So far, it seems, the device scores.


“The best part is that you don’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi to listen,” LAPTOP said. “The player will cache music from your stations when you are in a hotspot so you can listen to tracks in non-connected environments. The Slacker Portables range in price based on station capacity (the low end 15-station model is priced at $199). Stay tuned for our hands on and full review.”

The article goes on to interview a company spokesperson about where Slacker is headed next. Internet radio is beginning to break into mobile, with Pandora releasing a cell phone client, and other vendors murmuring in a similar vein.

Slacker Portable Ships Tomorrow. What’s Next? [Laptop]