Skype 4.0 Launched

Skype fans, rejoice. As your favorite VOIP calling/chatting service has just announced version 4.0, which according to the Skype blog, is the most distinctive release of Skype to date. Key features of Skype 4.0 include full-screen video calling, crystal clear quality and easier interface more than it was before. Of course, you’d still get the same free voice and video calls to other Skype users, IM, SMS, and the low-cost outgoing calls to landlines internationally.Alright, let’s get into the details of each of the new key features of Skype 4.0. First off, we have free face-to-face video calling through full-screen video. Aside from letting you start video calls quickly, the new Skype also offers a built-in bandwidth manager which would enable you to do your “Skype-ing” activities even when on low-bandwidth Internet connection. A 400kbs Internet speed running on a dual-core PC with Skype video webcam would be enough to give your 30fps high quality video.

Next, Skype 4.0 audio codec now uses 50% less bandwidth than before. It also features super wideband audio capable of delivering crystal clear sound if you use a compatible headset and high-quality broadband. The new bandwidth manager works well with the codec in adjusting those bad bandwidth conditions to ensure that you’d a more reliable sound during Skype sessions.

And finally, Skype 4.0 has made it even easier to set up your Skype equipements – headset, microphone and webcam ensuring that you’d start Skypeing as soon as you have those accessories ready. Skype 4.0 offers a new Conversations Tab which makes tracking of multiple conversations easier and faster. You can also quickly switch from one Skype services to another quickly using this conversations tab. And finally, Skype 4.0 offers two different views of the Skype session, the Default View or the Compact View which allows you to resize conversation Windows or separate them one by one.

If you want to upgrade your Skype installation, visit this download page.