Skyjoy Interactive puts the finishing touches on Super Kid Cannon for iOS, Android


New mobile developer Skyjoy Interactive is preparing to launch its first game on iOS and Android devices: Super Kid Cannon. The game follows a red panda on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sweetheart, and will see players completing puzzles in what Skyjoy calls a “vertical launcher” format.

Instead of sending the panda out of a cannon horizontally, like one flings birds out of a slingshot, players will launch the panda upwards, allowing aiming trajectory and gravity to do the work of defeating enemies and collecting goodies on each stage.

Obstacles rest above the cannon, so players may need to aim around them, and some stages contain additional cannons for sending the panda higher, if he happens to land in them while in the air. In addition to cannons, players can use ski-lifts, bubbles, spaceships and windmills to move around, depending on the level.

At the end of each stage, players can compare their scores against friends. The game will come with 30 puzzles at launch, but Skyjoy isn’t eliminating the possibility of adding more puzzles in the future.

Super Kid Cannon will soft launch in New Zealand on iOS and Android in February, with plans to bring the game to the US shortly thereafter. Check back soon to follow Super Kid Cannon on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.