Sketchy Made-To-Order Cell Phone Company Debuts

Engadget has the scoop on new “made-to-order” cell phones from what seems to be a dubious Shenzhen-based manufacturer. The zzzPhone (a name so rich that we can’t decide which joke to begin with) will let you choose the components you want in your next handset, and then the company will build it for you and send it to you.

As Engadget says, the fact that the company offers to pre-install music and video files should give lawyers all across the globe fits. Moreover, we thought designing cell phones was hard. It’s not trivial to cram things like 2-megapixel camera sensors, music players, Web browsers, LCD screens, GPS radios, and such into four-ounce devices, much less make them be good phones as well. Uh, any takers?

Made-to-order cellphones: dubious quality included free of charge [Engadget]