Six Video Sites That Lets You Stream Your Life

Video streaming is so in today that a lot of online services have sprung up the web recently. These video streaming services either lets you broadcast an event, your performance, and everything else that could be captured by your web camera or camera phone. And yes we mean live streaming. Here are 10 live video streaming sites that should get you on the road to web stardom.

Livecast provides a simple, convenient way of capturing and sharing events by saving videos on their web server where users can publish them to online communities, video sharing sites and blogs through one-button functionality. The site eliminates the need for uploading your video to a server, but instead let you webcast it from your mobile phone.

Justin TV offers a place to broadcast and watch video online. It became famous when its founder, Justin webcast his life 24/7. It gained a cult following among online video fans and soon started offering a service where anyone can share their life through videos. Justin tv streams video fboth from webcams aand mobile devices. The site offers a one-click online video broadcast for as long as you a webcam or a camcorder connected to Internet. You can also share your videos to anyone by using the “share” button on the page where your video are streaming. The site is categorized into eight channels – producers, music, social, gaming, sports, entertainment, pets, and comedy. is a mobile video streaming service that provides a platform for streaming high quality live video across mobile phone platform. Qik’s video streaming service is fast. Video streams are tagged at every path it takes from the moment a user click on the video streams to the video appearing on the web. lets you stay connected with your family and friends and broadcast events and news spontaneously. It also supports MySpace, orkut and other websites including


UStream.TV provides an interactive video streaming platform which lets you broadcast video using your camera and Internet connection. It features quick broadcasting tool which can be through Ustream’s server or through a user’s own website. Your viewers can interact directly with you while you are broadcasting online. As a user you can watch specific broadcasts and explore various channels on Ustream. Ustream offers broadcasts including political events, talk shows, entertainment events, music showcases, conferences, school and business events and training, sporting events and many others.

ShoZu lets you share life’s moments, be it on photos or videos on your blog. It lets you share your content to your friends and family either through email or through various social networks. In addition, ShoZu also lets you add tags and titles to your videos, read friends’ video feeds, update your status while on the move, geo-tag your videos, as well as post to your blog whereever you are.


Like ShoZu, Flixwagon lets you broadcast live videos you’re taking using your mobile phone directly online. It lets you store videos and manage them, share these videos with your friends, family and business contacts. Users can search, view and share live broadcasts and store videos on Flixwagon even if they have not uploaded any videos yet. Flixwagon is a social video platform that lets you broadcast your life.

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