Six reasons why BlogIT is the best app developed for Facebook, so far

blogit_logo.jpgSix Apart has launched its Facebook application called BlogIT. And this early, many are predicting that it’s going to be a killer Facebook app, including myself. Finally, a useful, straight forward, no-nonsense application has arrived on Facebook. Why do I say that it’s the best application developed for Facebook do date? Here are six reasons given by BlogIT. Or in other words, here are six reasons why you should use BlogIT, and I mean now.

  • With BlogIT, you can update all your blogs within the Facebook environment. Yup, you don’t have to leave Facebook anymore, you don’t have to open up another window. While in the middle of updating your Facebook profile, or communicating with your Facebook friends and a blog post idea props up, you can easily write the post using BlogIT and post it to whichever blog you want it posted.
  • BlogIT is powered by Typepad, and typepad is a tried and tested blogging platform. I guess it doesn’t need further explanation anymore.
  • BlogIt supports Typepad, Twitter, Blogger, Livejournal, Movable Type,, and soon many more. So, you can use BlogIT even if you have multi-platform blogs.
  • BlogIT will increase your readership. If you have thousands of contacts in Facebook, they will get to read your blog posts through the BlogIt Facebook interface.
  • BlogIT keeps your friends on any network informed of your activities.
  • BlogIT is a free service. Enough said.