SinglePoint Launches SMS Ad Platform

SinglePoint, the text messaging mobile advertising company, launched an advertising platform that lets advertisers place ads at the bottom of SMS messages, MocoNews reports.

The company said that prior to the platform, it was difficult for TV networks and advertisers to figure out what inventory was still available—and then the inventory would expire, unused, once the TV show began. “With the new platform, called the SingleBrand Ad Maketplace, TV network can upload its inventory to the Web portal, and then advertisers can check to see if there’s anything that matches their needs and price ranges,” the report said. “The inventory is searchable based on demographic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic perimeters.”

SinglePoint already has agreements in place with Ringleader Digital, JumpTap, and 4INFO, but the new platform will now extend to regular advertisers instead of just those focused on the mobile sector, according to the article.