Silicon Valley Has Some of America’s Slowest Internet Connections

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TODAY IN IRONY: When a city in America earns a reputation, it will generally be embraced or immediately changed.

Philadelphia, with more than its share of unfriendly people in the world, is called “the City of Brotherly Love.” There’s New York, where very few people actually taste the Big Apple. There’s Dallas (or Fort Worth) where people assume everyone drives to work … on the horse resting right outside the bait and tackle shop.

And then, there’s San Francisco — a liberal utopia in the minds of some, a homogenous setting with arms wide open for others.

The city is also known for nearby Silicon Valley: birthplace of technology, epicenter of innovation…and one of the worst places in the country for Internet reception.

According to the Open Technology Institute’s Cost of Connectivity study, San Francisco ranks near the bottom for Internet connections among the 24 cities across North America, Asia, and Europe included in the study.

Maybe fiber optics don’t run that from Mountain View (Google HQ) and Cupertino (Apple HQ). It’s possible that they are so busy farming out tech globally that they ignore their own backyard. It might even have something to do with the smog.


But there it is — the City by the Bay whose only lights are bulbs and not modem LEDs.

The report compared the cities based on download speed and put San Francisco way down in 20th place, behind fully connected cities like Seoul and Hong Kong. San Francisco also ranks behind the metropolis of Chattanooga, Tennessee; Riga, and the cyber Mecca of Latvia!

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We didn’t even mention the topic of download speed.

slow internet

On a speed-for-cost level, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo are kicking the Valley while it’s down: all of those cities get download speeds of one gigabit (1,000 mbps) for prices of between $30 and $40/month. Chattanooga and Kansas City also have one-gigabit connections available for just $70 a month.

Maybe SF resident/Journey front man Steve Perry could donate some time and cash to a “Don’t Stop Believin’ in Quality Reception” campaign. He’s not doing much beyond going to baseball games and “scuffling with security.

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