Show Your Bimmer Knowledge On Facebook To Win A Trip To BMW Headquarters in Munich

BMW is sponsoring a Facebook contest that will send the winning contestant to check out the company’s headquarters in Munich, including the Welt, its flagship showroom and customer service center. The BMW Expert Challenge gives fans of the brand a chance to answer five questions, then invite three friends to help answer 15 more (5 each). The contest is being held to celebrate the fact that the BMW fan page will soon be 500,000 strong.

The contestant with the most correct answers will be entered to win the grand prize — a four day, three night stay in Munich and a tour of the BMW facilities. The winner will also have a chance to meet the BMW Facebook team. As there are sure to be a number of fans that are able to answer all the questions, the winner will be drawn at random.

The contest is easy to find from the BMW fan page with its own dedicated tab, and requires you to answer five questions about BMW, then call on three Facebook friends to answer five more questions each, and so on and so on. While the rules state that the success of your teams’ collective answers is what makes you eligible for the grand prize, the trip is only for one person.

What BMW has really done is create a contest that will yield some valuable contact information for a fairly focused demographic. Most of the questions are very company and brand specific and are probably only easily answered by die-hard fans (or experienced Google users). And while the prize in very nice, it isn’t something that would necessarily appeal to anyone and everyone, like giving away a free car.

With the specialized questions and prize, it’s more likely that those taking the time to complete the questions and pass them along to friends are truly fans of the brand and therefore more receptive to future marketing and ad campaigns.