Show off your fancy footwork in Pixel Cup Soccer on iOS


Independent game developer Batovi Games Studio has announced the launch of its pair of soccer-themed mobile games, both under the Pixel Cup Soccer heading. The iOS games allow players to take to the soccer field, in either free or paid versions.

The free experience offers a lighter set of features and an overall different goal, while the game’s premium “Cup Edition” is fully featured, with 16 international teams and support for local multiplayer, just to name a few.

In Pixel Cup Soccer: Cup Edition, players experience 8-bit style graphics and controls to shoot, pass and run on the field. The game has been designed for both soccer experts and newcomers to the sport. Gamers run around the screen using a virtual joystick, with the app automatically switching the active team member, based on the location of the ball. That is, players will always be in control of the player on their team with possession of the ball, even as the ball changes hands multiple times in a single game.

The game’s Facebook support allows users to compare their progress against others, and Everplay integration supports gameplay replays, which can be shared with friends. Rounding out the iPad-specific experience is local multiplayer, with two players battling using the same tablet. Pixel Cup Soccer: Cup Edition is available to download for $1.99.


Elsewhere, Pixel Cup Soccer: Maracanazo Edition is a free download with a much simpler premise. The game is based on the 1950 soccer final between Uruguay and Brazil (the heavy favorite). Players recreate the game by blocking as many shots from Brazil as possible, which is in line with Uruguay’s underdog victory in the real world game. Each Uruguayan goal adds more time to the clock, so players can earn more points, but the second Brazil is allowed to score, it’s game over.

“Pixel Cup Soccer celebrates the history of the beautiful game – both on the international level as well as the video game version with its stunning pixelated graphics, easy controls, fluid gameplay and social features,” said Flavio Caiafa, Pixel Cup Soccer executive producer. “We want players to have fun playing our game throughout and well after this summer’s major soccer tournament has crowned the world’s next soccer champion.”

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