Should 'Dirty Dancing' Become A Facebook Game?

How might Lionsgate monetize the 9.5 million fans who like this movie's page on Facebook?

Despite being released in 1987, when social media meant sharing the newspaper over coffee, Dirty Dancing has seen its Facebook page attract almost 9.6 million fans.

Apparently, the movie’s like count skyrocket after the death of Patrick Swayze. Before he passed away in September, 2009, Dirty Dancing had just 700,000 fans on Facebook.

The Facebook page has also attracted more fans from Jennifer Grey’s appearances on the television show “Dancing with the Stars.”

The page’s popularity has speculating about whether Lionsgate would try to monetize the 9.5 fans with the possible release of a game based on the title. Like the blog says:

Among its Dirty Dancing plans, Lionsgate wants to use the film’s young lovers as the basis for an online game in the vein of FarmVille or Mafia Wars, according to one knowledgeable executive. (Lionsgate officials would not confirm.)

The results are still modest, but Dirty Dancing could potentially prove to be a model for studios to better monetize their libraries through social networking. The 1987 sleeper hit now boasts a larger Facebook presence than recent blockbusters The Dark Knight (6.7 million), Iron Man (4.5 million) and Toy Story 3 (721,164).

We can see why the studio would want to tap a possible revenue stream in any film that has a fan count approaching eight digits, but we have a hard time envisioning what a game based on Dirty Dancing would look like.

Readers, perhaps you could offer some suggestions about how Lionsgate might pull off a Dirty Dancing game in a way that’s suitable for Facebook. What do you think?