Shopping on Facebook Is Off the Wall

ResourceInteractiveOffTheWall.jpgOhio-based digital agency Resource Interactive launched its Off the Wall platform, which allows Facebook users to purchase products directly from retailers’ walls or from their own feeds without being forced to leave the social-networking site, reported.

Resource Interactive’s retail clients include Victoria’s Secret, Burton, Hewlett-Packard and The Limited, according to

Resource Interactive director of emerging media Dan Shust told

We’ve created engaging opportunities on sub-tabs. If you drive traffic to those tabs, (consumers) can have a good experience, but a lot of people don’t necessary visit those pages.

And The Limited director of e-commerce Brian Seewald told

We didn’t attach a huge sales expectation to this. This is more about doing something special for our fans and doing something to give our brand some visibility. It was time to show our fans that we’re still an innovative company and on the edge of things.