Share Your Past, Present and Future Itineraries with Placely

What does socialapp and placely have a common aside from both being a social networking site, and socialapp a no niche social network, while placely a niche one? Their name both speak of what they are all about. If socialppl is a social network for people, Place is a social network site for Places, specifically those places the people have been to, and places which have been a part of their past, present and future travel itineraries.
As a social networking site geared specifically for travelers, whether habitual or casual travelers, Placely helps you so stay better connected to everything and anything about travel. Placely is a social community focused on you, the traveler because if there is no traveler who would visit a certain place, that place will forever be buried a deep pit where it is located.

Whereas traditionally you would call a friend or relative about your future trips to ask them for advice or travel tips or even brag about your latest travel conquest, with Placely you don’t have to bother yourself calling them. At Placely you can blog about it, post your choice photos taken during your trip, start a group discussion about the places you’ve visited. Who knows, you might encounter a fellow member who has just been to the place where you’ve been, then you can start sharing experiences, exchange anecdotes, special places- the possibilities are endless.
Placely also lets you form groups within the Placely community, post your recent experiences, and even search for information about your next travel destination.
And just recently, Placely has started tracking your frequent flyer mileage across some major airlines including American, Continental, Delta, Jet blue, Midwest and many more. If you’re a frequent flyer, you’d know how useful and important mileage tracker is.
So, if you’re up for a leisure or business trip and still in the process of getting your flight ticket, you may want to consider signing up at Placely first, so that you can immediately enable the mileage tracker for your Placely account.