‘Shadow of the Sun’ is today’s free eBook download

shadow of teh sun ebookToday’s free eBook is Shadow of the Sun (The Shadow Saga). Written by Merrie P. Wycoff, the narrative of jealousy, lies, betrayal, magic and murder weaves a historical fantasy:

A reign of terror has kept Egypt in shadow, even at the apex of her power and glory. The greedy and corrupt priests of the dark god Amun maintain a tight grip on the people through the use of fear, superstition, brutality, and, when necessary, diabolical sorcery. 
Now, there is the promise of a new hope, a new light, but that promise is not welcomed by all. When the ambitious Queen Nefertiti and her consort, the gentle King Akhenaten, introduce a peaceful–and revolutionary–form of Sun worship in the hope of bringing about harmony and unification, Egypt is instead torn into warring factions on all levels of society .

Into this deadly conflict is born the first Royal Daughter, Merit-Aten, whose ability to see vivid auras and converse with animals comes with a price. Before her birth, she entered into a sacred contract to save her family and restore peace to her country. But, with danger threatening from every side–even from within her own family–will she be able to honor her contract without destroying everyone she loves?

Shadow of the Sun (The Shadow Saga), is available as a free download from Amazon on 06/03/2014 – 06/05/2014. As of this writing, the book has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 26 customer reviews. For more free eBooks, check out our 10 Websites to Download Free eBooks list, as well as our Free eBook of the Day archive, previously on Appnewser.