SGN's Presence Almost Larger on iPhone Than on Facebook

Today SGN released some numbers about their iPhone applications. So far, the company’s five applications (iGolf, iBowl, iBaseball, iBasketball, and iFun) have been downloaded more than 4.5 million times. Compare that with Facebook where the company has approximately 4.7 million monthly active users. While the company’s Facebook growth continues downward, their growth on the iPhone has been phenomenal, growing to over 4.5 million download since they launched two and a half months ago.

It does appear that the company has reallocated their resources from Facebook all together almost as they practically hasn’t had a single up traffic day over the past month (based on monthly active users not daily active users). Given the company’s ongoing success on the iPhone it wouldn’t be surprising to see a continued trend to all mobile application development.

Playing in the mobile gaming space is most definitely a challenging one as numerous large players have entered and have seen relatively widespread success. As I recently mentioned, a quick glance at the top selling applications on any given day shows over 50 percent tend to be games, frequently more. That’s good news for SGN who has been churning out new iPhone games at a furious pace.

While the iPhone uptake has been great, social networks still provide companies with a larger distribution opportunity. Slide and RockYou for instance both have around 36 million monthly active users, much more than the number of iPhone owners (which is somewhere around 10 million). I’d imagine that Apple will continue to close the gap over the coming months.

What platforms are you developing on? Do you have the resources to build on both?