Seven Things Unique To Twitter

Yep, Twitter is seven today. So we couldn’t let it pass without a post detailing seven things that are unique to the microblogging platform, particularly as it’s patent protected now and all.

We know you have many friends who are still on the fence when it comes to tweeting, so maybe this list will help you change their minds (or drive them further away).

Here are seven things that you will only find on Twitter:

Celebrity access. If you look at celebrities’ Facebook pages, websites or really anywhere else you might find them online, you’ll quickly realize they posts from them really aren’t. Twitter is different though. For some reason, celebrities LOVE to tweet and they are embarrassingly and fantastically candid. And they reply to and retweet regular folks – just be careful what you wish for on that one. Becoming Twitter famous for a brief moment in time can be difficult to manage.

The Pope and the President of the United States. There are other religious and political leaders on there as well – and many ARE tweeting themselves. Unlike celebrities though, they keep things in check a bit more (except for Cory Booker who’s a self-made Twitter celebrity). Tweets from Barack Obama end with “-b0” and smart politicos follow suit.

News breaking faster than anywhere else. You can dispute this all you want, but the simple fact is that this is true. Journalists are all over Twitter for a reason.

The Retweet. Yes, the world has taken the #hashtag as its own and you’ll see it pretty much everywhere now, even Facebook, but one thing the world can NEVER take away from Twitter (beyond its obsession with the cancelled TV show Firefly) is its beloved retweet . . . because where else are you tweeting? Doy.

Subtweet. This is the passive-aggressive person’s dream – a way to tell someone off publicly without the messy confrontation. Read more about it here and then use it if you’re a scaredy cat annoying-pants. #subtweet

Your teen. Okay, you’ll probably find your teen on other platforms as well (like Instagram), but you’ll find THEY, like the celebrities they follow, are embarrassingly – and not so fantastically – candid on Twitter. Heck, we bet you didn’t even know they were tweeting!

Your mom. This whole family thing goes both ways! We know you expect to see her on Facebook, but you probably think your mom is too out of touch to tweet, right? Well, U.S. moms are more active on Twitter than Gen X, baby – let THAT sink in. And then go snoop on her because we bet she’s just as guilty of tweeting stuff she shouldn’t – that’s what’s unique about it, by the way. It’s a Twitter “thing,” it seems (and  yes, “your teen” and “your mom” could probably be grouped as one item – sorry).

Any items you would add to this list?

(Seven image from Shutterstock)