Seth Meyers Makes Fun Of Social Media

Saturday Night Live‘s Seth Meyers had a room full of New York digital media types laughing hysterically last night at an event hosted by social marketing company Buddy Media.

We transcribed some of Meyers’ social media zingers. Jokes after the jump.

“Social media is what Studio 54 was in the 70’s…a place where nerds could go and hope to get poked.”

“If MySpace were a celebrity, it’d be on Dancing With the Stars.”

“If I was half as smart as Mark Zuckerberg I could’ve stolen the best ideas from him.”

“Anyone who is sensitive about social media jokes should go home where they’re comfortable.”

“Social media is how a twelve-year-old stranger can call my vacation photos gay.”

You get the idea. The event was a “social media upfront” of sorts, as one attendee put it — the latest effort for Buddy Media to promote their “Buddy Media Platform,” which is used by brands and agencies to do everything from content creation to analytics and monitoring.

The company is working with PR agencies Ruder Finn and Fleishman-Hillard and ad agencies including Razorfish and Digitas, in addition to many brands directly.

It’s a competitive market, with companies like Vitrue and Context Optional also offering similar services. Context Optional hired former PRNewswire President Dave Armon in January as vice president of strategic services.

[Disclosure: This PRNewser previously handled PR for Buddy Media.]