2016 Rio Summer Olympics Sponsors Should Create This Mobile App

The IOC should make an “uber” app that pulls together many of the larger Olympic sponsors into a single app to deliver a cohesive Olympic-sized experience to attendees of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero.

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero should be absolutely spectacular, with some of the world’s best athletes meeting in one of the world’s most dramatic settings. It’s sure to be a memorable 17 days of summer—especially for the millions upon millions who’ll be hitting Brazil’s shores as spectators from all across the globe.

Here are a few ideas that the International Olympic Committee should consider to make sure that every spectator medals in every event amidst the pomp, circumstance and chaos of Rio 2016.

The IOC should make an “uber” application that pulls together many of the larger Olympic sponsors into a single app to deliver a cohesive Olympic-sized experience to attendees.

When Olympic-goers get off the plane in Rio, they should receive a push notification that the Games experience of their dreams is literally in the palm of their hands. The first thing they’d see when opening the app is the local time, brought to you by Omega. Rather than the usual bland and soulless digital display, a full-takeover should make the phone look like a beautiful hand-crafted Omega timepiece—complete with a seconds-hand. In many Olympic events, style counts. It should in the app, too.

Next, Visa takes the screen to show where all of the cash-changing venues and ATMs are relative to your GPS-enabled position. To make this functionality extra-special, in addition to the usual places where money changes hands, Visa will let you know which clubs, restaurants and coffee shops will offer VIP access or discounts for app users. It goes without saying that Visa should power a mobile wallet that adds both convenience and security for the many visitors looking to purchase everything from legendary Brazilian barbecue to late-night Caipirinhas (plus the obligatory hats, T-shirts and commemorative merchandise).

Rio gets hot, so Coca-Cola can give you a beverage refreshment treasure map of where all of its vending machines and Coke venues are located throughout the games and Rio more broadly. With GPS, giving you turn-by-turn, step-by-step directions through the sweaty masses has never been easier. And while people think of Coke as the iconic bottle or signature red can, the company owns dozens of brands like Dasani, Schweppes and Powerade. Over the course of 17 Olympic sized (and length) days and nights of events, each could play a critical role.

This brings us to the lead Olympic sponsor, Procter & Gamble. P&G’s section of the app will show you where its products are sold throughout Rio—and even present Olympic-sized offers for travelers. Over the course of 17 days and nights, you’re bound to run out of something. An ever-present, location-aware app pointing you in the right direction in the right language can be an absolute lifesaver.

So Rio will be exciting, exotic and grand for sure. To help you pace with all the action, a mobile-first approach to games management will ensure that these games are at the absolute top of the podium.

Patrick Reynolds is the vice president of marketing at mobile marketing firm SessionM.