Sen. Rand Paul Shushes CNBC Reporter On the Air

The good Senator might need some media training

rand paul shush

We have all experienced that one renegade client who sways from talking points and decides to rant about that one thing you specifically warned him/her not to discuss, ramming directly into that media retaining wall without a seat belt.

We doubt anyone in PR land has ever had a client shush a reporter, but Sen. Rand Paul did just such a thing with his finger about to pierce his nostrils, suggesting that CNBC’s Kelly Evans be quiet so he could pontificate about..nothing much.

According to The Hill, the shush happened when this reporter had the uncanny nerve to challenge Paul on his ideas of forced vaccinations, a bipartisan corporate tax holiday bill, and the mild accusation of “conflict of interest.”

In discussing Paul’s plan for a tax “holiday” for companies bringing back cash from overseas, Evans said that research shows that plans like Paul’s cost more money than they save over the long term.

When Evans interjected, Paul raised his finger to his lips and said “shhh.”

“Calm down a bit here, Kelly, let me answer the question,” he said.

You can read more into why he shushed Evans and review his sterling message about vaccinations being an issue of parenting, public health, and constitutional freedom.

But after the finger hit those glossy Chap-Sticked lips, do you as a viewer even care?

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