SelfieMark Launches Photo-Sharing, Polling App on iOS. Android

The app allows users to poll their peers in side-by-side image comparisons.

SelfieMark has announced the release of its photo-sharing app on iOS and Android, which allows users to poll their peers in side-by-side image comparisons. The app was designed to allow users to receive feedback from their followers before making decisions.

With SelfieMark, users can take selfies and other photos with the app, or import images from their camera roll. The app allows users to edit their pictures with stickers, drawings and other effects before sharing them in the app. While SelfieMark allows users to create image polls using two photos, users can also share individual images on their feed.

Before posting, users can give their image(s) a description, and tag their pictures with hashtags, a specific location or their friends’ usernames.

When creating a poll, users share two images in a side-by-side view in order to receive a ‘which is better’ opinion about the two photos. For instance, users can post two pictures of outfits and allow the community to vote on their favorite by ‘liking’ one of the two images. Users can also comment on posts.

In a statement, Paula Echeverri, CEO of SelfieMark, commented:

Selfies are the new normal and continue to change how consumers and brands communicate. SelfieMark provides users and brands an easy way of polling that enables users to share valuable feedback and make instant decisions on daily indecisions. The app is a unified ‘go to’ platform for consumers seeking the ultimate social interaction experience and for brands to leverage and monetize for more informed business decisions.

SelfieMark is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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