SEGA’s, Picomy’s Heroki Takes Flight on iOS

Heroki sees players joining the flying hero on a quest to save his world from evil.

SEGA announced the release of Heroki, a premium action-adventure title, on iOS devices. Developed by Picomy, the game follows the title character on a quest to save his home world of Levantia from evil forces by reclaiming a magical item known as the Emerix.

Heroki has a propeller on his head, so players will complete the game’s level-based campaign by controlling Heroki’s flight during each stage. The game offers multiple control options, with two options seeing players either push or pull Heroki around the screen by tapping and dragging a finger in the right direction, while the third option creates a virtual joystick whenever the screen is touched.


Each level has a set end point, but players can freely explore their environment to find multiple collectibles before heading to the finish. There are five Emiral symbols in each stage, which can eventually be used to unlock extra abilities for Heroki. In addition, the individual letters of Heroki’s name are hidden in each stage, giving gamers additional reason to explore every pathway.

Levels include hidden pathways and alcoves, as well as some areas that may only be accessed by interacting with objects like switches or bells. Gamers can replay stages to find the collectibles they’ve missed.

Stages also contain enemies, and while Heroki can take multiple hits before losing a life, gamers are encouraged to defeat these enemies by picking up items in the environment and tossing them at enemies in a slingshot style.

Finally, Orpis, or coins, are found in bulk in each stage, and can be spent in between levels on power-ups, extra lives or even visual flying trails, among other items. Power-ups are stored in the player’s inventory, and they may give Heroki an extra hit point while playing, or can heal a lost point, as examples.

The home base of Levantia has more than just shops, as players can chat with the town’s citizens and complete a few easy quests for bonus Orpi’s.

In a statement, Chris Olson, chief operating officer of SEGA Networks, commented on the game:

There’s something inherently magical about Heroki—we think players will delight in exploring the world as the playful propeller-headed hero—it will be love at first flight. We are proud to work with Picomy to publish this game and bring such a great experience to market.

Heroki is available to download for $7.99 on the iTunes App Store.