Seesmic Desktop Launches Facebook Stream Support

Already a convenient way to manage multiple Twitter accounts, Seesmic Desktop has upped the ante by adding full integration of the Facebook Stream as one of the first parties to implement the Open Stream API.

There are already several desktop applications that give you the ability to view and post in your Facebook stream, but Seesmic goes one step further by providing the ability to view photos and post “likes” without having to leave the desktop viewer.

Seesmic displays your Facebook stream on your desktop for a simple way to keep tabs on your friends’ posts, including photos and status updates. It’s already an established application for Twitter, with the ability to view multiple accounts on a single screen. This feature hasn’t found its way over to Facebook quite yet, but it would be a great addition to track multiple business accounts.

The integration with both Facebook and Twitter makes monitoring your business accounts across social media easy. You can respond instantly to questions or concerns without having to constantly bounce back and forth between sites.

This more complete interface with Facebook through third party applications should start popping up more with the launch of the Open Stream API, but for now Seesmic has developed a solid Adobe AIR app.