Secure Your Internet Use With Hotspot Shield

If you purchase anything on the Internet you probably are in the habit of making sure you are using a secure connection from a desktop web browser and you look for the lock button in the browser. Most of popular web sites like Facebook and Gmail also now use HTTPS to secure your communication, but that was not always the case. While it is fairly easy to tell whether a web browser is securing the data you send, it is not as easy to tell with other apps, particularly apps for smartphones and tablets, and that is where Hotspot Shield comes in.

Hotspot Shield secures all communication between an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, as well as Windows and Macintosh desktop computers, and the Internet. It protects WiFi connections from snooping by providing a virtual private network that protects your identity and anything else that your computer is transmitting.

The iOS version of Hotspot Shield is now available in the iTunes App Store. The app is free and provides seven days of free service, after which you pay $9.99 per year. After you install the app and configure it for your account it pretty much runs continually in the background without any intervention on your part.

In addition to providing security, Hotspot Shield also compresses the data being send from your phone to the Internet, which can help save on bandwidth costs. At its price, Hotspot Shield appears to be a good deal for the piece mind it provides, not to mention its ability to enable you to send and receive more data within your carrier’s bandwidth caps.

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