Secure Your Information With Handy Safe Pro For Android

I’ve written a few times about my quest to find a replacement for eWallet on my Android phones. Originally I was storing password information in Evernote, but I switched to B-Folders after I discovered it and was able to import my data from eWallet to it. Today I learned about another program that provides the same functionality called Handy Safe Pro.

Handy Safe Pro is closer in function to eWallet than B-Folders because it presents information on graphical cards, and it has more than 65 preinstalled templates and icons. It encrypts your data using a 128-bit Blowfish encryption and automatically locks the database when the program stops displaying on the phone’s display. Unlike B-Folders that only supports five different data formats (note, contact, credit card, login password and bookmark), Handy Safe Pro supports 35 different formats. The Android version of Handy Safe Pro synchronizes with the Handy Safe Desktop Pro.

While Handy Safe Pro has more features and is more polished than B-Folders, it comes at a higher price. The B-Folders Android app is free and the B-Folders Windows app costs $29.95, but the Handy Safe Pro Android app costs $9.95 and Handy Safe Desktop Pro costs $24.95. You can find a free demo version of Handy Safe Pro for Android that only allows seven cards and does not sync with the desktop program, but it does give you a chance to test the program out. I have found Handy Safe Pro to be the closest Android program to eWallet though for now I am sticking with B-Folders.