The Secret To How JVC Gained 35,000 Fans In 30 Days

JVC U.S.A. is halfway through their Like It To Win It Facebook campaign, with a new giveaway each day for 60 days. Fans that “like” the daily giveaway post are entered to win that day’s prize– headphones, iPod docks, video cameras, speakers, and TVs. We sat down with RFI Studios, the digital arm of PR agency Ruder Finn, to understand how they were able to take a page that had only 1,000 fans to 35,000.

The secret? Supercharging the JVC page’s Post Quality Score via likes and comments.

A post quality score is, according to Facebook, a “score measuring how engaging your content is to users,” within the last 7 days. Engagement rates primarily drive this figure – the proportion of your fan base that interacts and how frequently they do. Post Quality Score is the new PageRank, as it governs whether you’ll show up in the News Feed (the walls of other people).

In addition to gaining 35,000 fans in 30 days, RFI Studios has kept them active. “We wanted to expand the fan base to have more people to talk to, but we also wanted spur brand evangelism. It’s more about just adding fans, we really wanted to get people excited about JVC,” said Andy Pray of Ruder Finn.

JVC has grown to a daily active user base of over 10,000 fans. “Our biggest goal going forward is to keep people engaged; the spirit and positive tenor is most important and we want to keep that fun, positive energy going,” said Pray. The Like It To Win It campaign consistently draws them back to the page every single day to “like” a post for a chance to win. When fans come back to the page to “like” or comment on a post, the Post Quality Score goes up because users are engaging with the content. (Editor’s note: This is against Facebook’s terms. See note at end of post.) A higher Post Quality Score means more visibility in the news feed, thus driving viral impressions via friends of fans. News feed exposure is often of far higher quality than general PR, since it leverages the recommendations of friends and can measure interaction rates. JVC was able to increase their feedback ratio to an all-time high of 6%, a result well worth thousands of dollars in the PR world.

An important thing to look at when evaluating the success of a campaign is the number of impressions a post gets compared with the total number of fans of the page. When you start getting multiples on your fan base, this means that the Post Quality Score is so high that the “friends of fans effect” is working. As one of the most powerful concepts in social media, this means that friends of your fans are seeing your fans interactions in their news feed, and viewing those posts as a result. “The contest has this viral loop built into it because when people like posts their friends see that activity on their walls and engage with it, and so on and so forth, so there’s been a nice organic pick-up,” Pray added. (Editor’s note: This is against Facebook’s terms. See note at end of post.) Facebook is all about seeing what your real friends endorse.

JVC raised their daily post views up to 210,000 impressions with a daily post feedback of over 4,100. From an earned media perspective, at a $10 CPM, that number of impressions is worth over $2,000 a day in PR exposure. Exposure in the news feed is of far higher quality than general PR, since you are leveraging the recommendations of friends and can measure the interaction rates. How much PR do you know of that has 6% of folks who see it interacting with it? If JVC can continue to maintain the page, $2,000 a day of earned media in perpetuity is quite a valuable base.