Seattle Police Put Twitter To Work On Car Thefts

Live in Seattle and have your car stolen? The Seattle Police Department now has new way to help get your car back to you. They are jumping into the social media age!

Live in Seattle and had your car stolen? The Seattle Police Department now has a new way to help get your car back to you: social media. The Seattle Police Department will now announce new car thefts via Twitter in an effort to get the word out and reach more people in those minutes immediately following the theft of a car.

Through the new Get Your Car Back program, the following information will be sent via Twitter – year, make, model, paint color, body style and license plate number. If a car is spotted out in the field, the correct action to take is to report the location of the vehicle to the authorities. The Seattle Police Department doesn’t want local residents going after the criminals themselves.

Why the sudden jump into the social media world to find stolen vehicles with the help of Twitter? There has been in increase of thefts in the city. According to the Associated Press, “Seattle police say the average number of cars stolen per day in the city has risen from 8.46 last year to 9.9 this year, and more than 3,000 were stolen through October.”

It sounds like the Seattle Police Department had some incentive there to jump in and try something out of the norm to stop the vehicle thefts. It might not stop vehicle thefts before they happen, but it could help return those cars stolen to their rightful owners. This program by the Seattle Police Department is using the technology now available to them by jumping onto Twitter and social media.

This new program will help broaden their reach and get the word out about stolen cars as quickly as possible. The first hours following a car theft are the most crucial. It could mean the return of a lost vehicle or having it lost forever.