Seattle Artist Is Suing Twitter For Pictures Its Users Tweeted

Here’s another one for the still-murky law books of social media: a Seattle-based artist is suing Twitter for refusing to take down pictures of his art that its users tweeted.

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, or you’ve scanned the greeting card section of your local drug store, you might be familiar with the work of Christopher Boffoli. He recreates familiar, every-day scenes using miniature toys and (pretty delicious looking) food.

But right now Boffoli isn’t as happy as his whimsical characters appear to be.

TheNextWeb reports that Boffoli is suing Twitter for failing to remove images of his art that its users tweeted.

The lawsuit states that Boffoli had served Twitter with four DMCA takedown notices during July and August, requesting that the company remove images of his art on their servers that users had illegally uploaded. However, Twitter apparently did not comply, and is now being taken to court.

Boffoli is looking for injunctions, the destruction of all infringing copies of his art on Twitter’s servers, damages and attorney fees.

He’s even taken to Twitter itself to explain his reasoning for suing the company further:


Do you think Boffoli should be compensated for his images being hosted on Twitter’s servers? Is Twitter responsible for all of the content its users tweets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Gavel image via Shutterstock)