Scrap Squad: Recycle trash to fund an evil empire on iOS, Android


Relevant Games’ first mobile title has undergone a name change since its announcement in February 2014, as “Evil Genius: Scrap Squad” has become simply “Scrap Squad,” and has been released in full on iOS and Android devices. The game asks players to take on the role of an evil genius, but instead of world domination, players must focus on recycling trash (how else would an evil genius earn the money to fund his empire)?

In each game of Scrap Squad, debris slides down a conveyor belt to a fire at the bottom of the screen. Players must organize the recyclables into four color-coded robotic bins before they’re allowed to reach the fire and burn. As players fill their robots and earn points and coins, the belt speeds up and actual trash is added to the playing field.

This trash must be avoided (that is, allowed to burn at the bottom), and every missed recyclable, or any item sent to the wrong robot, costs a heart. When players run out of hearts, it’s game over, and they’ll need to start again.

Robots have a maximum capacity, and will automatically empty when full. However, this takes time to complete, so players may need to move items back up the conveyor belt to avoid the fire while waiting for the robot to return.

In between games, players can spend their coins on upgrades for their robots, like larger capacities or quicker emptying times. Other upgrades include magical spells of sorts (called plugins), which can change all items to those of a single type, or eliminate the ability for mud or ice to randomly appear on the screen, as examples.

Scrap Squad is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. The game is supported via in-app purchase, as gamers can spend real money on additional coins to earn upgrades faster.

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