Scouter – A Multitasking Dual Screen Concept for Your Smartphone

Scouter’s multi-app concept is in development, but it can’t come soon enough. For some smartphone users, running two apps on a single screen is no big deal, but for those on iPhones and iPads, it’s not possible without a Jailbroken phone. Why?

It’s fairly easy to switch between two apps on the iPhone, but when I am navigating for road trips, I want to view my map while cruising the radio. Going from one to the other is often disorienting, and I can’t keep an eye on the map while DJ-ing. There are, I’m sure of it, a million other instances.

In 2011, Taposé’s Kickstarter campaign promised a similar function, but the app was made only for iPad users. When the productivity app finally appeared in the app store for $2.99, it was a huge disappointment to users – it just didn’t perform very well, if at all.

Will Scouter live up to its promises? According to the website, the team “can’t promise all functionality in the video will be available.” They are hoping to build more interest by developing an alpha version of the app, which at the moment is available for iPhone and iPad only. With more signups, the team will create other versions for Android users. Interested smartphone users should sign up on their site to get the latest info.