Scottish Blood Only — KILTR Social Network Aims To Reunite The Clans

A new social networking web site for those with Scottish blood launched Monday. KILTR reports there are around 40 million Scots scattered around the world with 100 million people out there with Scottish affection or connections. “It’s a huge resource of wealth, knowledge, skill and experience.” Any Scot can tap into it at KILTR.

The purpose of the new beta web site is to bring all those who are connected to Scotland together and “harness your energy and your skills to create more opportunities for one another.”

Obviously, my name “Kenna McHugh” is as Scottish as one can get. Kenna is a name of Scottish queen of long ago. The McHugh Clan started in Ireland but ended up in Scotland. With that connection, KILTR allowed me to sign up.

“There are roughly seven times as many people of Scottish descent living outside of Scotland as there are living in Scotland,” remarked Stewart Fraser, co-founder and CTO. “There are even more people who share an affection for or connection to Scotland. We have created a platform that allows everybody, from tech-savvy professionals to novices, to immediately jump in and begin opening doors to business opportunities.”

The idea behind the Scot network formulated while KILTR CEO and co-founder Brian Hughes Halferty was touring the United States. He met people who had a heart for Scotland or claimed a heritage connection. “Diaspora networks  groups of expatriates devoted to their culture and heritage ­ are incredibly powerful for fostering business growth across global communities as well as back in the home country,” Hughes Halferty says. “With KILTR, we can provide a one-stop resource for the tens of millions of people of Scottish descent around the world,” Halferty said. “KILTR gives Scots the basis to form connections and business relationships across borders.”

KILTR is the Scottish version of LinkedIn and aims to deliver valuable business and networking opportunities from professionals to organizations. They can network with others who have a known shared connection or affinity for Scotland. Alba Gu Brath! (Scotland Forever!)