Scientists Are Now Using Bioengineered Viruses to Grow Better Batteries

Queue the Cyborg Revolution, scientists are using mutated viruses to create a better lithium air battery. Straight from MIT, the battery redesign is the first of its kind – a cathode with improved capacity and life cycle using bioengineered viruses. It’s actually less scary than it sounds.

The engineered viruses, maned M13,  are used to grow a spiky, nanowires surface area in lithium-air batteries. They do this by extracting metal from a liquid solution to grow a complex surface capable of durable, electrochemical activities.

By growing nanowires, researchers also discovered another benefit:

Unlike conventional fabrication methods, which involve energy-intensive high temperatures and hazardous chemicals, this process can be carried out at room temperature using a water-based process.

Read the full research paper on Nature.