Schedule Blog Posts With Blogger – Finally!

blogger_draftIt’s a Thursday night. You just wrote an SEO-friendly blog post about the show LOST and you know if you launch it right as the show ends, you’ll get a flurry of visitors. The problem is you have plans to go out for drinks…and you use Google’s Blogger. That means you sit home, alone, waiting to hit the publish button while everyone else is out getting hammered.

Until now.According to the Blogger in Draft Website (where Blogger users can beta test new features), blog scheduling has arrived. Like WordPress, Square Space, etc. – you can now decide when you want your posts to go live, without being a slave to your keyboard.

Earlier this week we tipped you off on LetterMeLater, the e-mail scheduling Website. I’m all about full automation. Now, before I awake, my coffee will be ready, Thundercats will have DVR’d and my latest blogs (on all platforms) can be pushed live. All I need now is an Andrew G.R. robot to show up to my real job. Perhaps later this year (Fingers crossed!).