Scandal Recap: Abby Confronts Her Awful Ex and Liv Confronts Her Deadly Dad

Also, Olivia Pope wore something from the Limited special "Scandal" collection.

“Really?” That’s Liv’s first word on last night’s episode. Turns out Fitz is calling her every night. He’s living on hope. She’s still worried about how Jake is being treated in prison.

This episode has Liv working her magic on a lot of people, including the voters of Virginia who have to choose a new senator after the old one was caught, literally, with his pants down.

We also get a glimpse of Abby’s ex-husband, the man who used to violently attack her and is now up for a seat in government. And what’s an episode without Papa Pope being Papa Pope. Let’s jump right in.

For a few brief minutes, we deal with the case of Kaitlynn, the young woman whose mother is being charged with her murder. Quinn shows up at Mr. Winslow’s house with a theory: Kaitlynn went to the office to reveal her mother’s affair, overheard something she shouldn’t have and was killed for it. Quinn wants answers about the situation and how it involves Liv since a treasure trove of photos of her were found among the evidence from the case. At that point, Winslow shoots himself in the head. So we’re left with a cliffhanger.

Back to Virginia. Sen. Lewis McDonnell is filmed drunk, wearing a diaper, pooping his pants. Of course, he resigns and now a replacement is needed. The new candidate, Chip (or Charles, if that makes you feel better), is Press Secretary Abby’s violent ex-husband.

The next time we see Abby, she’s hiding behind her desk after getting vomit on her dress, completely freaking out. Liv has brought some new outfits. “What do you want?” Liv asks. “You can’t handle this,” Abby says. He’s already got the president’s endorsement for that Senate seat. Of course, that’s not going to stop Liv.

Liv’s next stop is the office of Susan Ross, Chip’s opposition — a political science professor, single mother, and underdog. Liv says she’ll run her campaign for free, and it’s clear they can use the help — handmade signs are hanging and the volunteers are clearly not up to the job.

“This is the big time people,” Liv says. And the first thing Liv wants to do is adjust her image.

“Research shows that if a woman candidate is perceived as too pretty or too plain, voters turn against her,” Liv says. “As a feminist, I would absolutely understand if you don’t want to make adjustments to your image.” What sort of “adjustments”? Waxing is involved.

Next is the campaign ad. But Ross is a hot mess. So they put her cute daughter in the ad instead.

The ad goes online and immediately, she’s “gaining ground,” says Cyrus. “Are you going to embarrass [the president] on election day?” he asks.

To avoid this, Chip confronts Abby in a dark parking lot to tell her that they had a “passionate” relationship and she needs to get over it and call Liv off Ross’ campaign. Clearly he wants to frighten her, but, surprise!, Abby has a gun pointed at his face.

“I’m going to shoot you. And when people ask why, I’m going to tell them it’s because you used to beat me up,” Abby says. It’s actually a chilling scene, Abby showing a mixture of fear and anger. Overwhelmed afterwards, Abby goes to Liv for advice: use her podium to tell the truth something they’ve advised clients to do in the past. We’ve seen women like Monica Lewinsky try and do this. “And where are they now” Abby asks. Here, actually.